Shanghai Jim (shanghai_jim) wrote in little_details,
Shanghai Jim

Fine luggage in 1946

I need to name-drop a brand or name of luggage that would mark one of my characters as wealthy in late 1945/ early 1946. The setting is, the character is a young man who has accompanied his BFF/war buddy on the latter's train trip home. The buddy is fresh home from the war and stopped by my character's upper-middle-class Westchester County NY house before heading home to Oakland, CA. My character decides to go with him. The buddy is hauling around his Army duffel. In contrast, my character has packed a pair of [name dropped brand] suitcases. I'm hoping not to do the obvious like Vuitton or something.

I've searched "vintage suitcases" and "fine luggage", but for such a small detail I'm hoping the comm has more interesting (and period-appropriate; I get a lot of earlier-period-type models) results.
Tags: 1940-1949, ~travel (misc)

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