Lauren (lauren_711) wrote in little_details,

Rehab/therapy for paralysis

I've googled/wikied terms like "paralysis", "paraplegia", and "physical therapy" and read a lot of great stuff, but I need some help figuring out things.

My character is a teenage boy who's a paraplegic, his paralysis is from the waist down. I'm trying to figure out a timeline for his past, and so I want to see what amount of time he'd have spent in the hospital after his accident, in a rehab center, and then how regular he'd do physical therapy.

Edit: He was almost 16 when the accident happened, and that was about eight months ago. He fell down a flight of stairs at home. I haven't figured out a specific spot for the injury, but it's fairly low on the spinal cord, he isn't having problems above the waist. And his family is middle class so not a ton of money. And this is present day.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: paralysis
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