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Differences in accents and blinding oneself

Hi, new person here. *waves* I just have a couple of questions for you lovely people.

1. I have one character, a man from Beeston in Nottinghamshire in the early 1850s. He's of middle-class descent and moved to London quite recently. I have another character, a wealthy upper-class woman who has lived her entire life in London -- a spoiled brat. Would there be any difference in their accents, for example, would the woman be able to recognize that this man wasn't from London? Or that he was of a lower class than she?

2. Earlier in his life, this male character blinded himself. (He wanted to make sure he would never be able to look at 'shameful things' [ex: pornography] because he considered himself very devout). Now, I was thinking he would just take an awl and jab it into his eyes and the surrounding area, but seeing as this takes place when he was a) still in Beeston b) around fifteen years old, approximately 1823, I was wondering if this would kill him rather than simply blind him. (As I'm worried that there'd be a possibility of massive infection and subsequent death). I know this might sound odd, but is there a simpler way he could do it? And if using an awl wouldn't kill him, would scar tissue form on the eyes? And would scars still be noticeable many years later (I'm thinking of the early 1850s specifically, so around thirty years after the incident).

If any of you are able to help or offer links, this would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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