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Everyday Life of a Roman Lictor circa 1st century AD

Googled: lictors rome, lictors ancient rome, where were lictors housed in ancient rome.

I've just joined an RPG group set loosely in that time period. In other words, although historical accuracy is good, I'm not really that concerned if I'm off by a century or so either way, or if my setup is better suited to the provinces than Rome proper.

Basically, my character is the primus lictor to a Roman praetor. I'm wondering

1) What sort of living arrangements are appropriate? Does he have a room within the Praetor's villa/palace? Barracks on the grounds? His own house nearby? Would he share quarters with the other lictors? How many rooms?

2) How many slaves would he normally have? Where would they be housed? Or would the Praetor have assigned some of his own to my lictor?

3) Circa 1st century AD, what would a reasonable slave price be for a youth of 16 or so, with some education and the skills of a scribe? (His father died penniless with huge debts and the creditors carried off the goods and sold the boy into slavery.) If it matters, this isn't in Rome proper but in a fictional city about two days ride from the capital.

Tags: roman republic & empire

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