Tits McGee (chibirhm) wrote in little_details,
Tits McGee

Yiddish Figures of Speech

Despite all of my grandparents speaking Yiddish while they were alive and having several Yiddish dictionaries in my house, as well as my powers of google-fu behind me, no one in my family (nor any Yiddish dictionary, either online or offline) can answer this question, because dictionaries tend not to be good at finding phrases or ideas in English that streamline into one word in another language. Hence, turning to this community in hopes that someone can be smarter than a dictionary.

I am pretty sure there must be a word or expression in Yiddish that means someone who's a smart dresser or very put together, sort of like a fashionista? (It's hard to search that word since it's a modern one and Yiddish is not a modern language.) I was hoping there was a word like that with a more complimentary connotation - my mom thought up a word at one point during my discussion with her that had a negative connotation. I don't care when this word originated or from where - it would be used in a totally modern context (and yes, I am aware that no one really "speaks" Yiddish anymore).
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