loveatfirstgeek (loveatfirstgeek) wrote in little_details,

Seizure after head injury

 I am writing a story in which my main character is fighting with another character. He receives a blow to the head and suffers a seizure.


My questions are


- Would he fall to the ground and have a seizure RIGHT AWAY? Or would he be limp for a certain period of time before the seizure starts? 


- Is it possible for the character to get knocked out, then come around for a little while very confused and THEN have a seizure. 


- Would it be more realistic for him to get hit in a certain part/area of the brain to trigger a seizure? 

- After going to the hospital would they just be given anti-seizure medications and sent home the next day? Maybe admitted for observation? 


Thank you all so much. 

Tags: ~medicine: injuries: head injuries

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