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Gun accidents

My MC is a contemporary Texan rancher, and ends up in hospital after an accident with both eyes injurded enough thatthey are covered and he's not sure that he will keep his sight.  The accident happens on the ranch and involves another character trying to shoot something and the MC attempts to stop him, with no regard for his own safety.  The other character can be injured in some small way, but I need my MC to be temporarily blinded and in need of hospital treatment.  The gun could be a rifle or hand gun, which ever is best for the accident.

Any ideas?

I've looked up about gun explosions but not finding much and am wondering it a gun explosion would be common enough.  Other alternatives are
- forcing the gun to point down to the ground and the ricochett or dust or something coming back and hitting MC in the face. 
- the shot hitting something like a concrete/brick wall and the schrapnel causing the damage to his face.
- the shot hitting something that explodes.

Any other suggestions?

Or any insights/

Thanks in advance.

Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~weapons: firearms

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