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Cork accent and speech patterns, inflections

Hello all! So here is my situation :)

I have two characters from Cork, Ireland, a brother and sister. Both come from a middle class background, largely urban and the year is 1888. Without resorting to gross exaggeration, God forbid, I'm trying to get an idea of how to write their dialogue so that they sound authentically Cork without going overboard, like ;)

The younger brother I am thinking would be fond of the latest slang and use it often. The sister is a little more prim so she would speak more carefully and mostly refrain from slang but certain words and her manner of speaking would still tag her as a Cork resident.

So far what I have found is a Cork dictionary of slang and local words http://www.corkslang.com/ and browsed a couple of Cork forums and watched a Youtube video that interviewed a couple of Cork gents back in the 1960's. Are there any other good resources out there I may be overlooking, reading material from the time period, auditory examples, etc. that I can use or certain ways of speaking or phrasing to keep in mind when writing? Thanks in advance!
Tags: ireland: history
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