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behavior during and recurrence of dissociative fugue

This story is set in present day North America.

I have read parts of the DSM IV entry on dissociative fugue. I say parts because Google Books wouldn't let me see the whole thing and there's nowhere else online that the it's easily available in the complete form. Not that I found anyway. I've also looked at the Wiki article on fugue states and an article on dissociative fugue on Merck's website.

I have two questions.

I think, based on my reading, that the answer to this first one is yes, but I wanted to double check. Is it possible for fugue states to recur periodically over a number of years? Specifically, my character experiences fugue states that generally last for two days to a week. They recur about every three to eight months and are usually triggered by a moderate stress event but were initially triggered by a very traumatic stress event that occurred about fifteen years before the start of my story. Realistic?

Second, would it be reasonable to portray someone in a fugue state acting in a sexual way that's contrary to their general nature?

(Apologies to the mods for the improper formatting first time out. I think I've included all the necessary parts this time.)
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