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Non-mainstream music tastes in the 1990s

Setting: Small-town Western Washington, USA, circa 1993.

Search attempts: Extensive Wiki-spelunking branching from the "1980s in music" and "1990s in music" pages as well as some googling around for sound clips, but it's more of a matter of opinion, so it's hard to research without primary sources.

I have a white, working-class fifteen-year-old boy living smack in the middle of Nirvana Country -- and, despite what one would expect of a teenage boy in early-90s Washington, he never gets into the whole grunge thing. This is presenting a bit of a problem, as I haven't been able to figure out what sort of music he would listen to. There's a big gap in my own musical expertise between 1980 and 1998, so most of my first instincts would be either outdated or anachronistic for him.

The character is very Christian but not enough to feel the need to listen to religious music -- mostly it manifests as avoiding anything atheist, anti-religious, or overtly sexual or drug-themed. He generally likes uptempo, energetic, earworm-inducing music (his dancing along like a dork is actually plot-relevant), though if he were going to get his teen angst on he would opt for "morose ballad" before "angry guitar-smashing." He also leans toward a less polished sound, though, so anything too commercialized would probably not agree with him.

Was a significant amount of music that might match this produced in the eighties to early nineties? And if so, would it have been possible for this character to get his hands on it (or hear of it at all) without a great investment of money and effort? It's actually preferable if his taste in music turns out to be weird, lame, and/or a little unmanly, because it's going to be a minor point of insecurity for him.

Thanks in advance!

ETA: Man, you guys are amazing. Thank you so much! :D
Tags: usa (misc), ~music

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