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Looking for French medieval painting

I've seen this a few places, but I can't seem to find it after several hours of searching, and I thought there might be an art history buff here who might recognize this.

The painting (it could be a line drawing) is of French peasants sleeping around a wood stove with their sheep and pigs. I'm pretty sure it's from the early medieval period.

I've Googled everything from "french medieval art" to "sleeping with animals" (which wasn't as horrid as I thought it would be).

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks in advance!

ETA: In the picture, the people are inside the house with their animals. One woman (?) has her head on an animal's back, I think a pig.

ETA2: Although this is not the picture (nor is it medieval), this is the general idea (and is really close to the one I'm thinking of!):

ETA3: It's a black and white line drawing, very similar to this one. The woman in front is facing the other way from the man in this one, and I believe is also lying on the back of a pig. The features are much less finely drawn than this. I originally thought it was French, but it could be Russian. I don't know enough about art history to be sure.

The woman had a kerchief tied around her head, and very plain dress; these peasants look dressed up in comparison.
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