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Middle Ages Escort for a Noble Lady

My story is set in a fictional fantasy world, think dark to middle ages in Western Europe. There is a war going on though there has been a temporary cease fire called and treaty has been worked out. Part of this treaty involves marrying a young noblewoman from one side of the conflict to a young nobleman on the other side. The truce is to be solidified after their wedding which is to take place on "neutral ground" in neither of their provinces. The young woman is to be escorted from her family seat to the location of the wedding by a mixed group of soldiers from both her household and her fiance's. About how many men would be considered appropriate (from one house) for this task and how many household servants/assistants/family members (her mother and most siblings are dead, her other sister is unavailable) could be or should be brought along without raising suspicion?

This doesn't need to be exact just in the ballpark.

Search terms: escorting a lady in wartime, number of men in a middle ages escort (hahahaha.... uh... no. Very much not the answers I was looking for :P), protecting a lady in middle/dark ages wartime, middle/dark age truce etiquette, middle/dark age wartime etiquette

None of my books seem to have anything applicable to this either.
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