anorangecrush (aorangecrush) wrote in little_details,

LF info on female sex offenders

Setting: Present, USA

Searched:,Yahoo, google, googlescholar *Female sex offenders, *effects of abuse committed by female sex offenders.

My main character is a young-teen, and abused by an older female family member.

I assume my main character would react in much the same way he would if he were abused by a male(as far a depression, and self-image issues go) but I'm not sure about that, I don't want to base my characters reaction on something I'm very unsure about.  

So, I'm looking for any info on the effects of sexual abuse committed by females against males. I've found some sites that mention abuse committed by females and the effects but nothing that goes into depth on either subject.

I have absolutely no knowledge on this subject and am unsure of how the victim, the female, the family or the authorities would react.

I'll take anything you think will help including non-fiction or fiction novels, movies, essays everything is welcome.I need anything that can help me to form at least a basic idea of how to realistically depict the effect of the abuse on my main and supporting characters.

Tags: ~sexual abuse & assault

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