Izzy (funwithrage) wrote in little_details,

Rental Agreements in East Coast City

Hey, all! You really helped me out last time, so I thought I'd take a shot with my next weird problem.

At the beginning of my story, the heroine lives with incredibly suckful roommates--the kind of people who leave rotting food lying around and fight with their SOs at 3 AM on weeknights--in an East Coast city, probably Boston. Shortly afterwards, she inherits a house.

She's not a confrontational kind of a girl, but she's not a saint either. What are some passive-aggressive ways she could screw the Roomies from Hell over? I've thought she might wait until some party when they're smoking weed, then call the cops; is there anything she could do re: her landlord, along the lines of "hey, these guys are totally violating Standard Lease Agreement XYZ, and by the way, I'm out of here"?

Tags: usa (misc), ~real estate

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