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identifying a hospitalized runaway teen in modern-day NYC; also, burns

hi all! i'm writing a story where a 15-year old boy is found unconscious on the streets of modern-day new york city, slightly burned (among other, less obvious things) in the aftermath of a supernatural attack, and is subsequently taken to a hospital as the only survivor. he's been on his own for about six months and was listed as a missing persons/runaway youth case until about a month prior, where the authorities of his hometown in illinois thought he'd returned home (long story. there is cloning involved). in the meantime, the NYPD would like to identify/verify his ID.

first question: his hands are burned enough so that running his fingerprints isn't advisable, but how bad would the damage be? i don't want him, say, crippled for life, so he has the minimum amount of damage to affect fingerprinting efficacy, but i'd like a realistic idea of what the healing process would be like and how long it'd take, especially if he took off from the hospital soon after and didn't have access to regular medical care. other than his hands, he's in a general state of malnutrition and exhaustion, with a slightly weakened immune system.

second question: with fingerprinting out, how else would the police ID him? dental records? would they draw blood? i was considering the use of DNA, but would the kid be listed in, say, CODIS? he had no reason to be entered in any criminal or tracking databases prior to his running away (and subsequent 'return home,') national fingerprint registry aside. the kid's also trying really, really hard to avoid official attention, as he doesn't want word of his current location getting back to somebody at home; if he had a fake ID on him, would any of this be necessary?

i don't watch enough forensics shows to be able to answer these. XD; googled for fingerprint databases, information on CODIS, runaway youth, and checked the annals of this community (and laughed over the fact that 'destroying the world' is a tag).

thanks in advance!

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