Pico the Great (pico_the_great) wrote in little_details,
Pico the Great

Multiple strangulation - how possible, and aftereffects

Setting: Modern-day, semisurreal, nonexistant American city

Googlewiki'd: combinations of "strangulation," "choking game," "auto-erotic asphyxia," "multiple strangulation," "ligature," and so on.
Found an excellent article on the forensics of strangulation, here.

Question: two questions, as a matter of fact.

#1: I've got two characters, X and Y. Y wants to strangle X to death, not immediately, but over a course of a couple hours. Her method is to strangle him (with an electric wire) til the point where he goes still, then stop and wait from him to recover, and then repeat. My question is: Is this kind of extended death possible?

Note: no one is going to be rescuing X, he's dying at the end of the scene. Y jsut wants the death to be protracted as long as possible. Yes, she is creepy.

Second note: not erotic strangulation, I just included those search terms because they're strangling-without-death. There is nothing erotic about this scene.

#2: I jsut want to make sure I have the dead body looking right. Red or purple face, burst blood vessels in eyes, ligature marks on neck, etc. Anything I've missed, or that you would expect to see as well?


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