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Barracks Layout//Air Force Scheduling

Hello, first time poster here...

And I need a little help. I'm writing a story where the protagonist wants to become an Air Force pilot (in the present day, United States) and a fellow cadet of his locked himself in the bathroom in attempt to harm himself after an accident during training.
EDIT: Thank you astillac and theguindo for pointing out that my idea of the bathrooms doesn't work (and that there's no way anyone would be able to lock themselves in).

So, here are my two questions--

1) What are the usual layouts for barracks? Based on the information I looked up via google, wikipedia, and several other lesser known sites, I know that barracks aren't any one size or shape, but they all generally incorporate the same features. So, do they have a bathroom or something other than rows of beds? Also, do barracks usually have windows and, if they do, can they be opened?

I've tried to search for the answer to this, but I just keep coming up with descriptions for what barracks are, what they're used for and that barracks aren't uniformly built.

2) I was also hoping to get some help when it comes to the scheduling in the Air Force, and I mean like classes, training, etc. Something to reference or just how they're usually structured is really what I'm going for. I tried looking it up on google but all I got was the basketball team and how to prepare yourself for basic training. xD;

Thanks in advance!

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