matte/ like the paint (likethepaint) wrote in little_details,
matte/ like the paint

Homosexual couples and surrogacy

I have a homosexual couple who have decided they both want children, and they're both pretty attatched to the idea of having their own children, so I'm exploring surrogacy rather than straight up adoption. However, while google has given me a mass of information on surrogacy, it hasn't been very forthcoming with information on who would go down on the birth certificate. I basically want to know if both of my main characters could go down on the birth certificate from day one, despite being male and naturally only one of them being a genetic parent (although it is unknown which one), or if they would have to adopt after the surrogacy.

Setting: modern day America, specifically Illinois, if possible, though it wouldn't be impossible to have them persue the surrogacy out of state as long as they could move back to Illinois with the children and raise them there.
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