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Translation: Raven

I've been trying to rename the central character in my fic and having trouble. I originally called him The Raven, but as time has gone on, using the English word just isn't cutting it.

I like the symbolism associated with the idea of ravens, so I've been trying to find different translations of the word to use or adapt for the name. European languages have been no problem, but what I'd like is something more unusual like Arabic, Urdu, Japanese etc.

I've googled repeatedly for translators for these kinds of languages, but none of the translators I've found transliterate the words into the Roman alphabet.

Can anyone help either just with the transliteration of the word Raven into any "eastern" language, or by pointing me in the direction of web pages which might give me what I need?

Thank you!
Tags: ~languages (misc), ~names
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