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Roman Camp Prefects

I am writing a piece set in a rough equivalent to the Late Roman Empire ca 297AD. One of the characters is the Camp Prefect (praefectus castrorum) at an important fort; e.g. it has to be maintained at all times, even if most of the legion is sent elsewhere.

My questions are as follows:

1. Some sources say that the Camp Prefect retired after a single year, while others say nothing of the sort. Could a Camp Prefect serve for more than one year? We assume here that he actually wants to for various reasons.

2. There are a few cavalry turmas stationed at or near the fort. The cavalry prefect is some distance away from the fort, and so are all the other superior officers. I'm assuming that he has a lot of unofficial power, but how much official power could he have over them the cavalry decurions? How much semi-official, given that the cavalry units are there to support the fort?
Tags: roman republic & empire

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