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The Reverend Kuria Dalmatia

IV therapy for dehydration

Time: Current US

Location: Rural Virginia

Situation: I have a male character, approximately 38-years old, 175 lbs., and physically fit, who has been kidnapped and held in the basement an older home for approximately 5 days. He is dehydrated and his abductor initiates IV therapy.

Question: Would 0.9% sodium chloride solution at 150 ml/hour at 25 drips/minute be the standard/basic therapy given the details below?

Character has bound, blindfolded and gagged. He has been beaten with a belt, electrical cord and bamboo kendo stick, but Kidnapper is not especially strong (adult male, early 20's) so the beatings are serious but not excessive. Kidnapper has not offered Character liquids or solids, but the Character has urinated and defecated at least once during his ordeal.

Kidnapper must keep Character bound, blindfolded and gagged for fear Character will escape. Kidnapper has very basic medical training and knowledge; he knows how to insert a cannula and knows where to purchase medical supplies.

My research has turned up 0.9% sodium chloride solution at 150 ml/hour as a starter. I know that NaCl can be purchased without a prescription as well as cannula and tubing (I've purchase it for my work before). Kidnapper must be able to purchase items at a medical supplier without a prescription.

My Google-fu search terms include IV therapy for adult dehydration, cannula, IV fluids for dehydration. I've checked online medical texts and have found lots of info for children and dogs, but little for adult men.

When Character is found, Rescuer A says something to the effect, "It's a [size, such as 150mL bag] of [insert name of solution, like 0.9% NaCl] at [xx] drops/minute."

Thanks in advance!
Tags: usa (misc), ~medicine: injuries to order

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