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I'm looking for information on cases of sleep-driving (like sleep-walking, when someone gets in their car and drives around while asleep, without being aware they are doing so). A character in my story is going to be sleep-driving, and will wake up when he drives his car into a tree.

I've tried Wikipedia, which has nothing but a small mention of the phenomena. Google turns up nothing except the fact that it is linked to Ambien and other insomnia drugs. What I'm looking for is actual information on cases of this happening: what exactly happened, how the episode ended, what would a professional doctor say to someone who this happens to, what kind of injuries would be sustained, what kind of treatment given, and how responsible would a sleep-driver be for his actions, and what sort of steps he would have to take in order to defend himself from any charges. And anything else anyone has, just little details on the experience or any specific incidents.

Everything on Google is very brief and not at all helpful. I'm hoping someone here can give me better information, or another resource I can check. Thanks so much!

EDIT: What are some sorts of injuries one could sustain from driving a car into a tree that would require hospitalization but not require a person to be in the hospital for very long? Thanks!
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