concrete blues (steelthorns) wrote in little_details,
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1920s Treatment/Education of the Blind

Hello, everyone! I am at my wit's end at trying to find resources for this topic.

I'm looking for the history of the general treatment and education of blind children in America, specifically in the 1920s and the decades leading up to it. I know that the white canes didn't come into use in the States until the 1930s, and that's as far as I've gotten. Most of the educational institutions I found weren't founded until decades after the 20s.

When it comes to treatment, I'm interested in the perception of the blind in society, any possibly employment opportunities, or whether or not it was common to institutionalize them in that decade. As for education, I'm interested in methods, options, and chances for blind children to be education outside of the home environment. Was the teaching and usage of Braille common?

I've tried googling various phrases using 'blind history,' 'blindness 1920s,' 'education of the blind,' and other various similar phrases with little success, and the same goes for Wikipedia. I've kicked around JSTOR using the same mixture of phrases with even less success. I've tried looking for books on the general subject through the local library, but I haven't dug up much so far.

Tags: ~education (misc)

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