Tits McGee (chibirhm) wrote in little_details,
Tits McGee

Gay slang in 1920's England

So I have a character who's Irish but living in England who has to talk about other characters (one of whom is his brother, so I need SOME ideas that were at least vaguely polite, or at least bordering on neutral/not overtly cruel) that are gay. What terminology would he use? I know the term "homosexual" was floating around as a very hoity-toity scientific sort of way of saying it, but I'm talking more slang or colloquialisms, the way we'd use "gay". I'd also, of course, need a lot of slurs. I know "faggot" and "fag" didn't become used until post-Nazis. I've got a few suggestions, like queer, bent, pansy, and fairy. How derogatory were each of those considered? Were terms like "shirt lifter" and "poof" even around? Basically, I'm sure my character has a veritable treasure trove of ways to say someone's gay, and helping me as a modern non-Brit fill in that chasm with both words and their relative rudeness would be appreciated.

Edit: I should have been clearer! This character is living in the 1920's, is young, and is working/lower class.

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