bee (sparklybee) wrote in little_details,

dry lips aid before chapstick?

setting: early 1880s, France (Paris)
character: an eccentric fellow with dry lips

Does anyone know what was used to soothe chapped lips before lip balm was actually invented? I've googled "dry lips 1880s" and "lip balm 1880s," but all I keep getting is "Chapstick was invented in the 1880s..." etc (and apparently it took a while to catch on). I also googled alternatives to Chapstick, but all I got were different lip balms that were definitely post-1880s (Blistex, Carmex, etc). I'm guessing some sort of concoction with wax or oil as an ingredient was used, maybe? Could a mixture of some kind be purchased in a store at the time, or does it have to be homemade? Thanks for the help!

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