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info on priesthood

Hi guys,

I'm brand new here and I'm in need of some help for this fic idea I've had for over a year and couldn't do anything about it for lack of information on the subject.

I'm trying to write this story about a young man being forced by his father into priesthood after being caught in an ackward situation with another guy. So he's not actually called into the religion or anything and, of my knowledge, it mostly works that way, but for the purpose of the story, it's not.

I need info on how the whole religion/church/priest thing works. I know there isn't an actual age of when you can consider going but I want this guy to still be young, a few years younger than 20 maybe. And I know it takes time before he finishes his studies and stuff.

I'm not really clear, sorry. Basically, this guy has to have a church and do confessions and stuff like that in the end because, for the story, he'll meet someone through confessions that will change things in his life...

Anyway, I've started doing research on the whole thing but I either don't have all the required keywords for my research to be really helpful or I'm not looking hard enough to find the necessary information.

Would anyone be able and willing to help me in this? Thanks in advance if you can :)

Edit:  I first had the story set in current times since I didn't see anything "wrong" with the father forcing the son into priesthood and the son doing as he's told to do but I'm open to change that to earlier times. I'm also leaning towards Catholicism as the religion and it would most likely be set in Texas (not sure of that yet either).

Edit: So, it seems this story is leaning away from Catholicism and it's gonna need changes in the plot as well (most likely) to make it make sense. I'm still thinking about Texas even though that is yet to be set in stones. As for the timeline, that can be arranged as well.
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