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Looking for cancer and withdrawal info

Searched: yahoo, google, medlline plus encyclopedia, WebMd.

Setting: present denver colorado

My character is a 14-15 year old male who abuses desoxyn, and unknowingly, has high risk Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. I intend for him to be diagnosed with ALL after overdosing on desoxyn. My questions are:

1) Would the doctors be able to diagnose my character while he's still suffering from the overdose or withdrawal symptoms?

2)Would my character be required to go somewhere specific(a rehab center, the hospital,etc) for the duration of his withdrawal? Would he be required to see a therapist?

3)On average, when do effects of chemo start becoming noticeable and when are they most obvious? (i.e illness/nausea, hair loss, weakness)

4)On medline plus, in the info on ALL, it says at first the patent may have to go into the hospital for 3-6 weeks but it says nothing about how many rounds of chemo might be needed. What would be a realistic amount of rounds to give my character?

5) At what point would a bone-marrow transplant be an option for my character?

6) Are bone-marrow transplants offered only after chemo or in the event that the chemo doesn't work? Or is it always a option?

7)What kind of precautions should be taken, in regards to my characters home environment, before he can go home?

Also, I know absolutely nothing about this subject so any other info you think may be helpful is welcome.


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