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Concealing flammable materials/gasoline

Time/Setting: Texas, 1987

A group goes to a small church under the pretense of attending to a wedding ceremony, but are actually planning to burn it down. I have it in mind that they can start the fire with the lit candles that are already in the church, but I also want a character to sneak in flammable materials to help it spread. My idea was that he could conceal a flammable liquid in a wine or champagne bottle and then pour it out. (I know wine and champagne won't start a blaze.) I was thinking gasoline--would a wine bottle be a feasible container? Would another fluid be better? (Anything that could be found in a hardware store would do--the characters are poor but willing to steal.)

I've googled variations of "gasoline storage" "flammable liquid storage" and "gasoline in glass" and gotten results selling gas cans, laboratory safety instructions and, um, song lyrics.

ETA: Thank you all for your helpful replies! A flask with high proof alcohol seems the way to go.
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