Juliet (mydocuments) wrote in little_details,

Traditional New England Decor

I'm reaching back to my memories of Trading Spaces, and I can't quite recall.

What sort of decor would constitute a traditional New England style?

I've Googled every combination of New England decor, tradition, housewares, curtains, and so on, but all I'm getting is ads for kitschy little shops that sell weather vanes and miniature carvings of lighthouses.

The house in question is a grey, 3 story clapboard with stone accents, that dates back to 1899.

All I can think of is toile curtains, but I'm fairly sure that is French provincial, not New England, and none of my many copies of Southern Living are any help either.

Pictures would be great, but anything at all that might be traditional fabrics or colors would be great.

Keep in mind, this is a very nice house, and so the decor should be tasteful and understated, but still obviously very nice.

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