hosanna (smurfb1ue) wrote in little_details,

race and class in Victorian England

Setting: England circa the late 1890s. Generally at a boarding school, though also in London.

I’ve googled various versions of race interracial Victorian England 1890s and found a few articles offering very brief overviews but didn’t really offer anything too helpful or indepth.

1. What role did black people have in the English social structure during this period? What was the stereotypical view?  From what I’ve read, there was some interaction between races, but it wasn't very good.  Generally, black people worked in jobs not requiring much education like servants and the like, though I did run in to one Victorian era doctor. I’m not sure how uncommon that was or if the upper class welcomed those of other races. I’m guessing no.

2. How would an interracial coupling be viewed by both white and black people? Would the man’s social status make a difference? I know that interracial marriage was illegal in the United States up until the last fifty-some years. Was it the same in England?
Along the same lines—how publicly could a girl of a wealthy class carry on a friendship with a girl who was a servant at her boarding school? Would class be even more important than race?
Tags: 1890-1899, uk: history: victorian era, ~marriage, ~racial prejudice (misc)
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