sonacry (sonacry) wrote in little_details,

Tox Screens and Herbal Abortions?

I've done enough searching this evening to thoroughly terrify someone who was to unwittingly look through my browser history, and now I'd like to turn to you folks.

I'm writing a story wherein a tox screen is performed on a body that washes ashore. The cause of death (not that the characters in the story know that yet) is an overdose--most likely unintentional--of...something that is not a drug. I'm thinking she was taking something like ridiculous amounts of vitamin C or some herb meant for 'natural abortion'.

What I need to know is if high levels of Vitamin C would show up on a toxicology report, and, if so, if there is some other herb that wouldn't. For the sake of a character's reaction, I need the cause of death to be initially mistaken. Also, if anyone knows what the fatal amount of whatever method would be for a 14-year-old at 115-120lbs, or how to find this information, could you point me in that direction?

I've searched various phrases, like "vitamin c overdose", "vitamin c in tox screens", as well as looked into other herbs such as tansy, blue cohosh, and pennyroyal (I thought maybe the girl could have been confused/ill-informed and consumed the oil directly, but that wouldn't really work for the story).

I know it actually sounds like I'm some kid whose condom broke, haha, but I truly am trying to write a story.

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