arantzain (arantzain) wrote in little_details,

Images: Interior of Cylinder Tower with Windows

Setting: 2005-8, United States is the location, though an appropriate structure anywhere in the world will do.
Googled: Variations on "tower" "cylinder" "arches" "windows" followed by "Runcorn Watertower", "Norton tower", "Padua operating theater", "Leaning Tower" etc.

"Good Heavens, Why?": I am trying to visualize the appearance of a library; the room is shaped as an octagon and extends three storeys from the ground floor. On each of the two higher floors there is a projecting hall with a railing: think of a wrap-around arcade or balcony. Each face of the octagon is formed from an arch.

I feel as though this is exactly the sort of structure that one would find in a mall or a hotel, but I haven't found anything that suggests what the interior might look or feel like to a modern viewer, or evokes in me the reaction that I'm trying to evoke in my description.

I can give the architectural dimensions down to an inch, but I can't actually describe the structure I want --I'm trying to get a sense of how open- or closed-in it might feel, how the light would move through the structure.

Any suggestions of buildings I might search, or images that sort of fit the bill?

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