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husband dies, wife in hospital.

Time: Present Day - 3 years.
Location: US, modern city (I've yet to decide if I'm setting this in the Seattle area or the Houston area. I bounce between those because those are the big cities I know best.)

Google strings: I don't even know if this is googleable. I tried "husband dies wife in labor" and "telling wife husband is dead hospital" but really, I don't think this scenario can just be googled.

Scenario: Husband is in a car accident on the way to see Wife, who is currently in labor at the hospital. He's killed on impact.

1) If the hospital has a morgue, is it quite possible they'd take Husband's body to the same hospital his Wife is currently at if it was the closest morgue?

2) Owing to a family rift, Wife is his main contact/next of kin. She is in active having baby labor when the nurse attending to her learns that her husband is not so much alive anymore. Is it respectable that they would wait for her to give birth and then tell her what happened? If so, how long would they wait?

3) I know this happens on drama, but do nurses talk about things like that where patents can hear? I was going to have Wife hear snippets about two people being brought in and her nurse saying something about this being a horrible time for her to be told anything, and then have her nurse later explain.



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