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personal experience - eating disorders and exercise addiction

Setting: contemporary, USA (New England area)
Search attempts: see question below

I hope it's okay to be asking this, seeing as I'm not looking for information so much as personal stories. I have all the factual information I could possibly need, which is why I didn't list all my search terms (although I can fill that in if necessary). What I want is more of a personal experience take so that I can be as true as possible to the situation.

I have a character who is a 17 year old girl in contemporary USA who will be developing bulimia and an exercise addiction. According to my research, there's a smaller subsect of bulimia that involves binging and then compensating by exercise alone; as of right now, I plan to have the character begin with that initially and eventually move into occasional purging.

I would appreciate any personal accounts that anyone would be willing to share with me. If you're more comfortable sharing via email than posting in the comments, my email is writingthis at gmail dot com.

Thanks very much for any help with this sensitive topic.

EDIT: In response to the requests below (and thank you all for pointing out how unclear my request was), what I'm most interested in is what kind of thought processes my character might be going through. How much she might be aware that her behavior is disordered vs. truly believing it's okay vs. being in denial? What might her thought process be like if she knows the behavior is disordered but chooses to take action by purging, etc. anyway?

Really, ANYTHING that would help me figure out the progression, rate of progression, and thought processes as her disorder progresses would be helpful. I hope that helps narrow it down a little bit, but I'm truly interested in hearing ANYTHING that anyone has to say.

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