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Sunlight and plants

Setting and Time: Um. Far future. Super technologically advanced beings want to block the sun, but let plants grow.

Search terms used: "plants in darkness" "what makes plants grow" (yeah, like that one helped), "plants photons" "photosynthesis" "plants uva" "plants uvb". I also looked up plants, photosynthesis, photons, sunlight, ultraviolet light, and light on Wiki.

Can a plant grow without sunlight? If the plant has UVA/UVB rays (hell, UVC as well), will it still grow?

I have a very small understanding of physics, and most of the websites say that the plant needs photons. Do photons have to consist of visible light?

I'm not sure if I'm even asking the right questions. I just need to know what part of sunlight a plant uses. Plz halp.

EDIT: You all have been extremely helpful very quickly. I believe I have what I need, so thank you all very much.
PS I now know more about photosynthesis than I ever wanted to know.

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