murasakisilver (murasakisilver) wrote in little_details,

Is there any sort of established procedure (particularly in France but any country will do if you've got it, really) that the government would follow in dealing with people who just pop up out of nowhere--amnesia victims, perhaps, or people who have been hiding out in the wilderness for a generation or two? (...or time travelers. *cough*) Could they get birth certificates and passports, et cetera? If there is no such procedure, what seems logical?
Also, are there any groups in modern-day France that reject technological advances (like the Amish, but more hardcore and xenophobic if possible)? If not, anyone have a good excuse for a 21st century boy to have a complete mastery of pre-industrial technology and speak fluent Latin but be amazed by processed food?
Tags: france: government
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