sanginmychains (sanginmychains) wrote in little_details,

Experience of Ecstasy?

Sadly, all my knowledge of the experience of being on Ecstasy comes from Beverly Hills 90210 and Dawson's Creek. I could use a first-hand perspective. I've googled for basic signs and symptoms (and side effects), but I'd like some more experiential info. The processing of sensations, how is that changed? The touchy thing -- how powerful is that? What is craved, what is reviled?

And coming down, what's that like? How long does it take, what are the effects that disappear first, and last? What sort of lingering effects are there -- anything analogous to a hangover? (Teen dramas tell me that there is no come down, that there is only the inevitable trip to Emergency with heart palpitations or pre-stroke symptoms, and then the next-day regrets. Teen dramas are not an excellent source of information about life.)

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