Bill (wppb) wrote in little_details,

War Prayrs

Hey. Long-time lurker, first-time yadda yadda. Well, no, actually... second.

I have a character who, essentially, thinks he's doing God's will by punishing worldly evils. His belief system isn't exactly Catholic, but it's close, and since he was Catholic before being converted (and changed into a vampire), he still considers himself part of the Church.

My question is if any of you know of any places to look for prayers other self-styled holy warriors would use. particularly organizations such as the Knights Templar or the Inquisition. Something to say prior to a fight- or a murder- to prepare himself, to reinforce to himself that he's doing God's will, and to underscore his pious self-righteousness. I keep thinking of the family prayer in the Boondock Saints ("And Shepherds we shall be, for thee my God for thee...), but I'd prefer something more authentic. Otherwise, I'll make up my own.

Much thanks in advance.
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