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Imposing a TV and radio blackout.

Setting: Corrupt police state in a modern fantasy world, mostly 70's/80's level technology but some more modern and futuristic stuff as well, no internet, completely state-run media. A small island,  has been placed under blockade. It's about 10 miles by 5,  in an archipelago of other small islands, about 50 miles off the mainland and with the nearest islands 10 -15 miles away.

If you wanted to stop a small island receiving television and radio,  and you're a police state and can do whatever you like, how would you go about it? I'm interested in answers relevant to various different kinds of television technology, as I haven't specified which they're using yet (and, as will become apparent, I know fearfully little about them). Would you be taking down towers/antennae, severing or pulling up cables, setting up... er, something... that blocks signals? Or would it best  just to go house to house and confiscating televisions and radios and be done with it?  I know it's sometimes possible to tune your television or radio to receive the broadcasts of a neighbouring country - and  they'd want to stop that  sort of thing happening, though if possible, they'd rather leave the surrounding islands unaffected, although if you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs, then, well, you can't. They'd rather do this with minimum fuss and effort, though.

They aren't going to care if the locals manage to set up a pirate radio station broadcasting  a bit of music -- they just want to make it as difficult as possible for news from the outside world to get in. Access to and from the island is already strictly limited so they're doing their best to limit news by word of mouth as well.

I've searched "television broadcasting" "broadcasting towers" "relay towers" "television blackout" etc. For the moment I've said they've "taken down the island's relay tower" but I'm not sure about that.

Tags: ~radio, ~television

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