Shanghai Jim (shanghai_jim) wrote in little_details,
Shanghai Jim

Cellphones in Belgium circa 2004

When: 2004, late summer
Where: Belgium, outside the Ardennes, later Liege

I have a character who's just woken up in 2004 and is staring at a cellphone that a mobster/criminal type had on him when said character was awakened. What maker and model of phone would it be, and what would its screen look like? I would think it was a cheap or throwaway phone for making mobster/criminal-type phone calls, so I figure it's local, maybe prepaid if that's popular in Belgium, etc. My MC last saw the world in 1944, but he's sharp and quick and will figure out a date and a time when he sees one, which is the primary function of the phone in this scene.

Searched: Belgium cellphone, Belgium cell phone, Belgium cellular
Tags: belgium (misc), ~technology: phones

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