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HIV Susceptibility

Hi All!
Cutting right to the chase:
Setting: 2008 or thereabouts
I'm wondering if there's a chance that my white, female, 16-year-old character could possibly have some condition that makes her more susceptible to HIV. She's dating a guy who's HIV Positive but doesn't know it until later. I want her to be forced to leave him because it would be medically unsafe for her, even without sex being a part of the equation. Note that the guy she's dating was born with HIV (his mother was infected and spread it to him through birth) and he simply didn't have the guts to tell his girlfriend until an accident leads to her almost touching his blood. Also, the girlfriend's mother was rather promiscuous and had taken drugs, but her daughter (the girlfriend) sustained no visible damage or disease as a direct result. But could the mother's use of drugs somehow cause her daughter to be more susceptible?
I googled a bunch of generic AIDS, HIV and AIDS/HIV in teens terms, as well as "HIV Susceptibility" combinations. I also read tons of articles and only found out that women are more susceptible in general, and Africans and African-Americans are also at a higher risk of infection.
Also, while I'm at it, if any of you happen to know a teen (preferably a male) who was born with HIV and would be willing to answer some generic questions about living with it, please email me (amor_demi_alma at livejournal dot com) and let me know how I might get in touch with them. I'm writing a novel, so they would, of corse, be credited if they wish.
Thanks in advance!
-- Caitlin
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses: hiv/aids, ~medicine: injuries to order

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