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logical progression of torture resulting in insanity, recently dead bodies

Set somewhere between 2005 and present time, the the victim is an Earth native from said time somewhere in his late 30s, early 40s( going by the age of actor) with military training (Air Force, he was a pilot, but the series show him to be illogically good on the ground for the history they gave him) but the story takes place in another galaxy (for anyone who might know it, the Pegasus galaxy of Stargate Atlantis). The torturer(s) are natives of the Pegasus galaxy and come from a kind of cobbled together civilization with varying bits of technology from other civilizations (electricity, relatively primitive guns of different types and levels of advancement). Basically, they're scavengers.

On to the problem: The whole point of this is to figure out how to logically break somebody not just to the point of giving (possibly bad) information, but to the point of being an unsalvageable headcase. I've been through the torture tags here and researched different forms of torture through links, wiki, and a bit of google (though not much of the last). Not having ideas for what I'd like to happen is not the problem. I have plenty of ideas, I'm just not sure how to arrange them in a logical progression that would reach the end result of driving someone completely insane over a long period of time and need suggestions for how to arrange that in a way that makes sense.

The period of time over which it takes place can be as long as necessary, though the victim will have no way of telling the passage of time, getting the information out of him NOW does not particularly matter to the interrogators, they want what he knows but they don't need it immediately and so can take their time about it. I plan for him to be kept in isolation from the moment he is captured onwards, the only contact he has being with guards and his interrogator when he's taken out for questioning. I keep coming up with things to do to him, trying to fit them into a format that would work, and ending up tossing them out. I will jump to research anything that is suggested (I love researching torture). I do know that I want to incorporate a mock execution if at all possible, and that at some point he's going to wake up to find the bodies of several soldiers under his command in the cell with him, recently dead, with the threat of more to come if he doesn't comply.

Which leads to the second question: In what state would recently deceased bodies be in ranging from several hours to several days after their deaths? What changes might take place that one could observe from the outside during that time period (I don't care about internal changes, I want to know about what could be observed by sight and smell)?

I'm sorry if this is odd and rather hard to answer, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to structure the torture in a logical way.

And to clarify, since that is a big confusing mess; I want him a gibbering mass of disorders and pretty much unable to function by the time this is done. He can be as physically broken as is necessary to achieve this, especially in ways that will further impair his ability to function!
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc), ~torture

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