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The long-term effects of post-death symptoms

Setting: Modern-day times. 1998 - 2001, if it's any relevance.

Okay, I have a character in my novel who is resurrected shortly after death. I am familiar with the various biological stages which occur postmortem, from pallor to livor mortis. A technical question I had is, if her heart spontaneously starts beating and her brain spontaneously begins normal activity, what would be the physical ramifications of her returning to life?

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Sure, she gets ressurected, but I want the effects to be scientifically plausible. xD

- Pallor Mortis: Postmortem paleness which happens in the 15–120 minutes after the death because of a lack of capillary circulation throughout the body. Paleness develops so rapidly after death that it has little to no use in determining the time of death.

[- Algor Mortis: The reduction in body temperature following death. Generally a steady decline until matching ambient temperature (in the absence of any significant external factors).]

- Rigor Mortis: Postmortem rigidity. Muscles become increasingly rigid over time due to lack of ATP and buildup of lactic acid. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)-energy source produced in respiration in mitochondria of cells. This process happens in stages over the first thirty six hours post mortem.

- Livor Mortis: Settling of the blood in the lower (dependent) portion of the body when the heart is no longer agitating the blood. Livor mortis starts 20 minutes to 3 hours after death and is congealed in the capillaries in 4 to 5 hours. Maximum lividity occurs within 6-12 hours.

Now, my question is, at which stage / time window after death would it be 'realistic' for resurrection to occur? Human decomposition doesn't officially start until a few days after death; this has to be taken into account, because in my story, if the original body isn't in it's generally 'original' state at the time of death, resurrection cannot occur (this includes autopsies / the formaldehyde process).

Another question, more importantly, is if and how any of these stages can be reversed upon a restart of the brain / heart? Assume this 'restart' is completely paranormal, i.e. could not be done by any existing human technology. If ATP production started again, could rigor mortis be reversed; if so, how long would it take before the muscles were fully functional again? If the heart started beating again, could livor mortis be reversed, since the circulatory system is once again active? What time after death would it be too late for a resurrection without taking a paranormal restoration of the physical body into account?

And I'm assuming she'd be pale and cold upon 'awakening' amirite.

I wasn't entirely certain what terms I could use to research this. I've tried the name of every mortis stage and 'reversal' so far.

Thanks a ton for any help you guys can give me!

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