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Help with Latin issues

I've got a touch of Latin, here.

I've been trying to change a bit of St Augustine's prayer 'Domine Iesu, noverim me' from being in the first and second person (Let me...for you...) to being in the second and third (Let you...for him...). It's for a character of mine who's STRONGLY Catholic, of an old enough form to use the Latin prayers, and wants to use this to make a point with it.


The original line is 'Mortificem me et vivam in te.' and the best I can switch it with my almost-decade-rusty Latin skills is to 'Mortifices te et vivas in illum'

I'd also like to try 'Persequar me, sequar te, Semperque optem sequi te.' but my brain fell apart after trying 'Persequaris te, sequaris illum' and I didn't even want to look at the second bit.

So, er, in short...

Does 'Mortifices te et vivas in illum' parse, and, if not, what's wrong, and how would you change 'Persequar me, sequar te, Semperque optem sequi te.'?

Or am I even trying something that's completely impossible here?

(And in case anyone's wondering about the cut tag, this is for something shoiryu and I do together, and...)

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