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American Embassy in USSR in 1988 relating to statutory rape laws

Setting: 1988 USSR (Odessa, most likely), the daughter of an American Embassador is in a romantic affair with her mother's security director. All adults involved are American citizens employed by the Embassy. The daughter is 17 years old and, by American statutes, a minor. Her lover is a 26 year-old who is new to his post.

Would the 17 year-old be considered a minor under Soviet laws as she would under American laws?

Would the 26 year-old be held to Soviet or American laws, as far as any statutory rape charges, that could be filed?

phrases searched: "1988 USSR Statutory Rape Laws" "American Embassy in USSR Statutory Rape" "1988 Odessa Rape Laws" etc.

(not for nanowrimo :-P)
Tags: 1980-1989, russia: history, usa: history (misc), ~law (misc), ~sexual abuse & assault

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