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Procedure Question: Domestic Call

Hello, and thanks in advance.

I'm working on a realistic novel, modern-day, set partly in the outlaying suburbs of Central Virginia (I'm thinking suburbs of Richmond). I'd like to give a realistic resolution to the following situation.

About 3:00 AM on a Saturday night in spring, neighbors report a loud exchange of outside yelling between a neighboring man, mid-40s, and his 15-year-old daughter (with added noise coming from the family dog, barking). The family has no previous history of disruption, and is in fact well thought-of by most neighbors. The daughter, however, is considered odd; if questioned, neighbors would admit that she's exceedingly quiet, often unkempt and possibly retarded. 

Any officers responding to the call would find that the daughter has fled, the dog is agitated, and the mother and father are visibly upset but otherwise polite. The father appears to have been drinking heavily. They report that the girl has been out all night, and came home verbally abusive and almost naked. The mother is concerned that her girl has been raped. The father suspects she has been out with someone, and possibly raped by that person... or by several persons. She is not, that they know of, involved with anyone.  

Officers find the girl several blocks away, running but unharmed. She's skittish, but otherwise utterly quiet. She does not speak in any way, although she growls and snarls like a dog when anyone gets close. Her manner is almost feral, but she displays no signs of overt abuse or retardation. The girl does not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and consents visibly to assertions of authority. She's wearing nothing except for a dirty T-shirt (her own) and a pair of glasses. The girl bears several fresh bites and scratches, and many older ones as well. If performed, a rape examination would reveal that she has been sexually active within the last few hours, but the marks seem more like rough-sex marks than assault contusions or self-defensive injuries. She does not answer questions, but remains stubbornly, defiantly silent. 

The girl's parents ask that she be returned to them. There are no apparent signs of family abuse, and if/when the girl is returned to her parents, she appears angry but does not seem to fear them. No person involved has any previous criminal record beyond perhaps a parking or speeding ticket.  

How would responding officers handle this situation? Would she be taken to the station? Examined? Held in custody? How long, and under what conditions? When would she most likely be released? What further investigations or counseling might be required by the police? 

Again, thank you for any help you can provide. 
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