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Bullet wounds from a Thompson sub-machine gun

Scene: New York, 1940s

Googled: tommy gun effects of bullet wound

One of my characters is one of four shot with a Thompson sub-machine gun from several metres, taking two bullets in the leg.  So far I've got him as the sole survivor of the attack (not counting the assailant, who our man knee-caps before passing out) and he keeps the leg but so far has to get around with the aid of a cane.

I found some interesting information about British World War One-era Tommy guns in, especially the bit about bullets travelling along the bone, but I am not sure this is what I am after; did the "Chicago Typewriter" have the same effect?  Or would the spray of bullets have simply torn a man's leg off?  (The info on British WWI Tommys was the only info I could find directly relating to this).  It's not important to the plot that he keeps the leg - either way he's vengeful and really pissed off as a result of his affliction.
Tags: ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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