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A Sword by any other name...

A friend of mine and I are coming up with a storyline and plot details for a video game for a class she's taking. We wanted to give the main character a sword, but we weren't sure what to call the particular type. It occurred to us that we're not sure what kind of sword the "standard image of a sword" actually is. I mean, if you type "sword" into a google image search, the first couple hits you get are like this, with a relatively simple cross guard and double-edged blade, that can be wielded one-handedly. Is there a name for this specific type of sword?

Already checked out wikipedia and the Sword Wiki (surprisingly unhelpful), and various google searches, including "standard sword" and "types of swords."

I'm (obviously) not an expert on swords, so if there are any details you need to answer this question, please let me know and I'll try to clarify. Thanks in advance!

ETA: I'm looking for the name of the kind of sword pictured in the link. I'm sorry if that wasn't clear x.x
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