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Nazis in Argentina

I have a Nazi character, an SS man who escapes via the ratlines set up by ODESSA at the end of WWII. I know that he makes his way out through Switzerland, coming to Italy where he is helped by the monastery route and the Roman Catholic priests to get to Argentina.

And.. .this is where google fu and research fails me. I need to know

a) what sort of passage he would take from Italy to Argentina. I am assuming a ship? Would their be any other stops along the way?

and b) What town is he likely to settle in afterward? I want a small-ish town, something that isn't a huge city, that has a German speaking population. I am considering Crespo, which has descendants of Volga German immigration - but how likely is it to still be speaking German in the late 1940s - early 1950s? This is also a lot of presumption on my part, that the Nazis would integrate into existing German populations - I can't find research to confirm or deny this. Or did they make their own towns?

I am failing hard on finding details for these two points - any help, especially links to personal accounts or webpages on the topic is very appreciated!
Tags: 1940-1949, argentina: history, italy: history, ~world war ii

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