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Hospital Policies (and Coma Patients!)

I'm not sure exactly what to search for here, so I'm hoping someone else knows more about hospital policies than I do.

Let's say a patient has been in a coma (about a 9 or 10 on the Glasgow scale, if that helps) for three days. Their condition is stable: they were in a car accident, but the life-threatening injuries are mostly patched up for now, etc. How long would they stay in the Intensive Care Unit? Do coma patients automatically remain there until they wake up/proceed to a vegetative state?

If the answer to the above question is ordinarily yes, what if the patient's police partner is also in the hospital, but not in the ICU. If the partner is a big enough pain in the arse, and the coma patient is still stable, is there any likelihood that the partner could convince someone to move the coma-patient partner into the same room?

One last question, and this is more general. Are hospital rooms generally supposed to contain occupants of the same sex? My experience is usually "yes," but that may just be coincidence. I suppose I could squirm my way around these rules--one of my characters is fairly powerful--but I'd like to stay as realistic as possible.

Tags: ~medicine: coma

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